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After spending 25 years climbing the corporate ladder, I finally escaped! Stepping away has allowed me to rediscover and reconnect with myself. One thing I realised is that I had really neglected my wellbeing. I was constantly stressed, commuting North to South on a weekly basis, working long hours and never having time to do any form of regular exercise. I probably did have time, but I never made it a priority and only managed to do any type of wellbeing when I was on holiday.

I had practiced yoga on and off for a number of years, but over the last couple of years I have made it a priority and it has helped me through some very difficult times. I turnto pilates to help build my core strength and elongate my muscle tone.

Overall wellbeing has become more and more important to me as my way of life has changed and I have seen many benefits. I have dreamed about opening a studio for a couple of years, but wanted to find the perfect location in the countryside – and The Spud Shed found me! 

I hope you enjoy the space we have created and the beautiful tranquil setting.

Kim x

Kim - The Yoga Collaboration


I am a Classically trained Pilates Mat, Reformer & Tower Instructor.  I am also a specialist in pre & post natal Pilates.

I have been teaching since I left my job in finance 3 years ago.  Pilates has been a big part of my life since I was a teenager when I suffered from chronic back pain.  I fell in love with how it made me feel both physically and mentally. 

When I was pregnant with my first, my back and pelvis really suffered and I was unable to find a suitable Pilates class in my area to help me cope with this. 

This continued after my daughter was born and had an impact on my physical wellbeing but even more so on my mental health.  So, I decided to become a Pilates Instructor so that I could help people via Pilates the way it has helped me.


I began my yoga journey more than 30 years ago, having tried a number of yoga classes the one that was held in a bar piqued my interest.

Having completed a 200 hour Teacher training in the uk with yoga alliance plus the British Wheel of Yoga foundation course, I travelled to Rishikesh, India to deepen my knowledge with a further 300 hours teacher training.

Having practised and been inspired by a variety of styles of yoga I have also completed a number of specialist additional trainings and workshops including Yin, Somatics, Scarvelli, Feldenkreis, vinyasa, kundalini, restorative yoga and anatomy.

Yoga is ageless, it benefits everybody and unifies all generations. It doesn’t matter when or how you find yoga, the hardest part is step on the mat and the rest will follow.




I first became a student of yoga in 2001 when I first practiced Iyengar yoga at 15 years old for a Duke of Edinburgh award in school.

Little did I know that yoga would become a rock for me and something that I would revisit at various points in my life when times became difficult.

I have practiced various forms of yoga over this period including Vinyasa Flow, Yogalates and Primal Yoga under my teacher Keri Lincoln and also have continued to develop my knowledge of Iyengar yoga with Manuela Meadows over the years.

I finally took the plunge and decided to study Ashtanga yoga with Evolve Yoga Teacher Training in Jan 2020. I had a strong self practice but knew little of the philosophy and was drawn to Ashtanga because of the focus on the breath.

Yoga has allowed me to ground myself, become stronger and more connected with myself instead of being stuck in my head. I have connected many of the dots to feeling whole again and learning about the breath and how this connects our minds and bodies has been life changing and I can’t wait to share these practices with you.


Yoga. Pilates. WellBEING.